Easy and streamlined meeting management with Pronestor

If you are a hotel manager, a desk clerk / receptionist at an officinal or maybe an office manager or secretary at a large company with a lot of conference rooms and meeting activity – then you know the hardships of keeping track of the various reservations and bookings, especially if you don’t have a meeting management system which can help you organize and overview the vacancies and occupancies in a transparent and intuitive manner. Also, being up to date with catering orders, reservation of meeting equipment such as projectors, whiteboards, conference call telephones or interactive screens can turn out to be quite cumbersome without a system which integrates the booking mechanisms with the actual inventory. It is quite embarrassing to tell the CEO that the projector, he was planning on using at the shareholders biannual meeting was double booked and is now being used by Marketing on the third floor. Or that the order for sandwiches and bottled water has not been processed due to too many mails in the inbox.


If this scenario sounds all too familiar, then you should probably consider looking into a more professional setup – for instance, the super professional meeting management software from the Danish company Pronestor. Pronestor can help you scale the solution to fit your needs exactly, whether you are just looking for basic meeting management software which allows for your employees can book a meeting room, or a full blown solution including meeting management, resource booking (vehicles, work stations, break-out zones etc.), catering management, or even displays placed outside your meeting room, headlining the on-going and upcoming meetings in the room during the work day. Pronestor even offers visitor management, which allows your visitors to register at arrival and out-register at the end of their visit – and you to get the complete overview over all your visitors.